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Every IYO Guru Brahma Participants has the power and the

responsibility to shape the culture within our Indian Yoga & Dhyana. By practicing our shared values, and staying focused on our highest priority – the safety and well-being of our Yogis & Yoginis – we can promote an environment that empowers and supports Yoga & Dhyana, and makes participation in the IYO Guru Brahma a positive and rewarding experience for all Gurus of World.


The IYO Guru Brahma of Ethical Conduct (the “Code”) is our collective commitment to work ethically in all instances. It offers a tangible way to put our values into practice, and guidance in situations that have potential or actual ethical implications. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the Code depends on a personal commitment from every Participants of the Yoga & Dhyana community.


Resolution of Ethical Issues. The Code does not address misconduct or abusive behaviours. Instead, the IYO Guru Brahma Safe Sport Policy provides the definitions and mandatory reporting requirements for misconduct and abuse.

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IYO Gurubrahma

IYO Gurubrahma- Dr.Suresh Bhandarkar

IYO Gurubrahma- Anandmal Sethia

IYO Gurubrahma- Pandit Shri Ram Acharya

IYO Gurubrahma-Yogacharya Dr.Ramkrushna Laxmanrao Thawkar